Whether it is for one-off projects or year-round support, we work with:

* Outdoor brands

We make digital rhyme with field, marketing stories with operational distribution, communication agency with lasting relationship. From concept creation to post-distribution reporting, our field of action is wide in order to provide real-world solutions to our customers.

* Athletes

Advise, train and support athletes in the management of their image and their career in order to co-create a coherent long-term project. Provide structures to their actions and help them develop original pro- jects with their community and partners is an approach that we have been developing since 2015.

one-off projects


— In a time when outdoor sports are more than ever a source of inspiration and expression for many people, the brands and stakeholders in this industry have an important challenge to take on: knowing how to best connect with their ever-evolving communities. Faced with a worldwide, drastic digital transition, the quest for authenticity and values remains crucial.
We help brands communicate with their current and future communities, using the values of the outdoor universe. Our ‘field’ experience at the agency, shaped by dozens of outdoor projects, combined with our global marketing expertise, particularly digital, gives Outdoor Perspectives an unparalleled singularity in the industry.

We are deeply attached to the authenticity of our natural playground and to the values of sport, and these commitments allow us to support our clients with an almost obsessive attention to each and every detail. This includes all stages of a project, from a strategic approach to their challenges to the operational realisation of their vision.
Outdoor Perspectives, marketing and communication agency specialising in outdoor sports.


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Aurélien Colin

Founder & general manager

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Agathe Hoornaert

Sports marketing
& event coordinator

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Julie Bailly

Trade marketing coordinator

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Odran Yung

Social media manager

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