* Consulting

— Marketing strategy
— Storytelling
— Creation of marketing programs
— Image and career management
— Sports Marketing

After more than 10 years spent navigating the ins and outs of the marketing and outdoor industries, our experience has gained not only wisdom (!), but also a keen feel for which strategy may fit each specific project. And because a “brand story” falls under the realm of storytelling, we may as well tell a story which is credible in the eye of the consumer. We firmly believe that Digital must rhyme with Field, which is why we offer our know-how to help with the design of your multichannel marketing strategies. The final goal is to enable the implementation of effective activation programs, whether these are digital communication based or linked to an event with a reseller. Last but not least, as our company’s origins are firmly linked with high-level sport (Athlete 2.0), we continue to intervene in this area to advise brands and athletes on specific activations and projects.

* Content creation

— Video production and direction
— Photo production
— Artistic direction
— Graphic design
— Editorial
— Newsletters

Because the challenge of effective communication lies in the way a message is tailored to its audience, brand content is an area which requires real expertise. From artistic direction to production in the field, including the establishment of clear guidelines and the management of external providers, Outdoor Perspective handles projects from A to Z so that the final result mirrors your ambitions. Photo and video creation, infographics, newsletters and articles are all forms of content which our team can produce according to your needs. Our added value? Resonating authenticity and a touch of outdoor atmosphere!

* Social media

— Editorial strategy
— Social Media Management
— Live coverage

Social media have become a mandatory communication channel for any brand, company or athlete; yet they are also tools which are increasingly complex to understand.
How can we generate engagement, federate a community, understand which content is the most appropriate to convey brand messages, or broadcast an event live through social media?
These questions are our guidelines throughout various projects and missions: editorial strategy, management of your social networks and content, coverage of an event on your social media.
From community assessment to strategic consulting (editorial line) through the implementation of a schedule of publications around an event, we are your “voice” on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all the digital tools which require increasingly extensive know-how.

* In the field

— Events
— Partnership activations
— Executive production
— Athlete projects

The “field”, a somewhat vague word that nevertheless encompasses many things! Outdoor sports are practiced outside by people who get the real experience.
What happens in the field is therefore a reflection of reality, and we are here to give you front seats to share the experience.
And as the field itself can be more or less steep, we have made ambitious projects our specialty; those located in challenging climates, in awkward spots… those requiring long hours without sleep, or those that require specific outdoor activities knowledge. From the executive production of a commercial shoot at 4000m to the management of an athlete project involving brands, activities and logistical follow-up, Outdoor Perspectives feels right at home with complicated missions!

* Training

— Athletes
— Brands
— Distributors

Our initial desire was to help athletes we work with to better communicate, help them understand the ins and outs of social media and implement a clear communication strategy.
This offer extended to brands, assisting them in the training of their marketing teams and ambassadors. Courses are now also tailored to companies who require specific input. In short, we offer training!
And because we tend to keep in mind our Digital X Field concept, our courses always include real-world examples and workshops to ensure you don’t simply get a lecture, but effective useful methods which can be directly implemented.

* Amplification

— Social ads / Google ads
— Sports marketing
— Ambassador management

What is the direct link between an Instagram ad and a brand ambassador? At first glance not much, except that these two marketing channels help develop brand awareness and thus amplify its impact with a defined target. And it is precisely in our ability to effectively manage two very different tools that lies the uniqueness of Outdoor Perspectives.
At a time when organic reach is almost non-existent and opinion leaders are a vital asset in converting communities on the ground, we help you amplify your brand messages.