Off the Ultra 2022


Content creation with Suunto athletes and live broadcasts on Suunto’s social media channels in France and worldwide.

After a successful 1st edition for Off The Ultra at the 2021 UTMB®, Suunto was keen to repeat the experience in 2022, this time featuring new athletes.

Every day, a photographer and a social media manager shadowed an athlete from the Suunto team. We wanted to capture the daily routine in the days and hours leading up to the start of a UTMB® race. The idea behind Off The Ultra is to show the public what they don’t see, giving an insight into the emotions and state of mind that a runner might experience before the most important race of the season.

This meant we spent the day in the field, juggling photo shoots with the athletes, post-production to format the content in French and English, and publication on Suunto’s Instagram accounts in France and worldwide. Once again, the concept proved that consumers respond well to this type of content at a period where a lot of online news content is very similar.


Content creation
Social media management
On-site presence
Artistic direction

Creation of a graphic charter
Photo shoots
Formatting and live broadcasting

Trail running

Project duration
5 days

Assignment status

6 athletes followed
358K People reached
7% average post engagement
26K Story views